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Corrugated Concrete - Single

by Jody Barton

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with concrete lyrical assistance from John Hooper


Corrugated Concrete
should have been my name
my mum’s name is aggregate
my dad’s is Shane

his real name’s sand, and my mum’s is lime
And although that makes sense,
the other names … they rhyme

Things got worse when they got divorced
They can’t split the house it’s steel reinforced

I got two twin brothers called Bent Cement
and where a brick hit my Nan
her brain’s dement

My little kid sister’s
Called Cementine
She’s got the calm poise of a

It’s quite amazing
This crazy paving
You’re drowning in work
But just say your waving

Could have laid in
With some real stone
But just think of the savings
on sand alone

Patter so
On my patio
Natter low
Have a chattio
Suntan so
Watch how you go,
there’s a rough patch there
where the ivy grows
just so you know

It was still wet
And hadn’t set
When the cat in-stepped
With a ‘left right left’
And a rude little kid
Put a finger dipped
And drew a hairy pair
And a shiny lid

my next door neighbour’s
named Monica Mortar
she’s often plastered
she’s a builders daughter

Contractually this Concrete’s
Cracked actually
Check the contract
that cement sacks
are stacked back to back see

Corrugated Concrete
should have been my name
My real name is idiot
And that’s a shame
Cause the hard grey stuff
is like life’s elixir
My world revolves
around the concrete mixer
And if I get my way and I
change my name
My name’d be concrete
corrugateds the game


concrete downbeat in the
concrete jungle
brickies never go extinct
they just get humble

don’t drag your feet
I take my concrete neat
comes from the mixer truck
like sausage meat

man in the street
got concrete footsteps
in my new wet drive
where he sunk alive

got an old friend derek
in a motorway bridge
and some concrete poetry
stuck on the fridge

So the die was cast
In a glittering mould
Rich and poor poured
Like the stone of old

cement laments
pent up sentiment
late for aggregate
frequent torment

lime rendered
for the dis-ingendered

I wield the trowel like
cozy powell

Dyslexic rhymes
for our lockdown times

bucket lost
and bucket find

obsessed by cement
it’s indecent
only feel complete
in the presence of concrete

Rough concrete base
but a lovely polished face

I get depressed
with less cement
Brutalism romance helped protect
C’s the first real letter in the alphabet
I can spin this on cassette but concrete’s is best

Grout’s about
use the water spout
and some sand
and I start to shout
Corrugated Concrete should of been my name
Corrugated Concrete should of been my name
Corrugated Concrete should of been my name
Corrugated Concrete should of been my name


released April 12, 2021


all rights reserved



Jody Barton Copenhagen, Denmark

Fade to greyhound.

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